Originally from St. Petersburg (Russia), Sergey has an extensive background in theatre. He was born into a family of two theatre directors. His mother Tatyana Jakovskaya, also a theatre critic in

St. Petersburg, joined sculptor-mechanic Eduard Bersudsky in founding a kinetic theatre Sharmanka, in 1990 (www.sharmanka.com). Sergey helped out in Sharmanka from an early age learning the technical side of the trade. By the time Sharmanka left St. Petersburg for Europe, at the age of thirteen Sergey was operating the company’s lighting, sound and mechanical control equipment.

Since then Sergey has developed an interest in lighting and it’s influence and enhancement of visual and performing arts. Sergey studied at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow and graduated with a BA in Technical & Production Arts in 2002, specialising in lighting design and technical management.

Since leaving college, Sergey has toured the UK and Europe extensively with various theatre companies as a technical manager and relighting shows. He then took on production management roles and began developing his own roots in lighting design. From 2000 Sergey became the lighting and sound designer for all of Sharmanka’s new work and technical manager for all exhibitions and theatrical collaborations. Since then Sergey has focused on establishing himself as a freelance lighting designer and has been been involved in a variety of projects both in UK and Europe with some of the following companies:

Dundee Rep

Tron Theatre

Traverse Theatre

Derevo Theatre Company

Grid Iron

Catherine Wheels

Communicado Theatre Company

Barrowland Ballet


Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre

Best Design nominee at the Critics Awards for Theatre in Scotland 2017,

with Neil Warmington (set) for the design of Death Of A Salesman | Dundee Rep

Best Design nominee at the Critics Awards for Theatre in Scotland 2014,

with Shona Reppe & Andy Manley (set) for the design of HUFF | Catherine Wheels Theatre Company

Best Design nominee at the Critics Awards for Theatre in Scotland 2013,

with Charlotte Lane (set) for the design of Ulysses | Tron Theatre Company