"The Millennium Clock Tower" / 2000

National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

(2000, in collaboration with Tim Stead, Annica Sandström, Jürgen Tübbecke) more..

Proletarian Greetings to Honourable Jean Tinguely  from the Cradle of Three Revolutions” / 1992*

A set of three kinetic sculptures: “The Great Idea”, “Kremlin Dreamer”, “The Autumn Walk in the Belle Époque of Perestroika” more..

Titanic” / 1994*

Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art

Year 1946”

Museum of Non-Conformist Art, St.Petersburg, Russia

Noah’s Ark”

Parque de Las Ciencias, Granada, Spain

Tower of Pisa”

Bloomfield Science Museum, Jerusalem, Israel

Eduard Bersudsky’s small kinetic sculptures and wooden carvings are to be found in a number of private collections in different countries

* these works are on display at Sharmanka Theatre at Trongate 103)


Leonardo-2” / 2010

Kopernik Science Museum, Warsaw, Poland

The Gloveman” / 2009

Oxfordshire Museum, Woodstock

Colmcille” / 2007

An Tobar Art Centre , Tobermory, Isle of Mull, Scotland

Rusty, the Magician / 2007

Callender House, Falkirk Museums, Scotland

The Flight” / 2004

Bloomfield Science Museum, Jerusalem, Israel

St.Mungo-on-the-Tron” / 2002

Tron Steeple, Glasgow 

Homage to Leonardo" / 1999"**

Science Centre The Big Idea (Irvine, Scotland)

The World of Artist

(Homage to Storm Peterson)” / 1997

Storm P. Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark

The Old Viking” / 1996

Experimentarium Science Centre, Copenhagen, Denmark

**closed in 2003