The plan is simple and as follows:

The Bear will start on 11th July at Mizen Head, - most southerly point of Irish mainland. He will follow the emerald coast, passing through Valentia Island, Tralee and Spanish Point arriving at the half way mark up in Galway. He will then continue upwards to Westport, Sligo and Donegal. From there the final sprint will take him across north-west of Ireland finishing at the northern tip in Malin Head.

With fully loaded panniers and a tent, the challenge is to cover around 700 - 800 miles & approximately 5000 meters of elevation within 14 days time.

That’s the plan - the bear is yet to talk to northerly wind about it, but I’m sure they’ll come to an agreement.

Meanwhile the Bear would appreciate it if you could have a dig in your pockets and see how much cash you can spare towards his chosen cause!

The Ride

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