This time I’d like to draw your attention to a place of my origins - Saint Petersburg, Russia. It’s a beautiful, dynamic city filled with a fantastic spectrum of creative people producing great art, theaters staging high quality shows and generally an incredibly strong culture. There is however one group of people that is cut off from the society almost entirely, - people with disabilities.  By default of the current system they end up in psychiatric institutes called “Internats”, - places with little freedom and not much more intention for it’s residents than a basic survival. Luckily for some of them, there is a handful of people who are determined to bring joy, activities and creative outlet to however many Internat residents they can get access to. One of very few such organisations is “Perspektivy” (Perspectives) - run largely by volunteers. My contact there is a lady called Elena Shifers, who runs a Theatre / Art Project working closely with disabled children and young adults, creating shows which occasionally, when finances allow, tour to other parts of Russia and sometimes Europe where they collaborate and stage shows with similar types of groups. Lena’s Theatre / Art Project almost entirely depends on fundraising and donations without which the locked-behind-the-fence-life in the Internats is simply gloomy, purposeless and mundane. My aim is to raise £1800 which could for instance fund an entire group’s trip to the next theatrical collaboration in one of the Russian cities (currently planned for spring 2015). So please donate generously towards this great cause. I have seen it work and know how much good it can do. The children's faces lighting up, when working with Lena and her team, speak for themselves.  Meanwhile here’s more info about “Perspectivy”:

The Cause

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