Wooden Kinemats 1974 - 1989

The original collection made in St.Petersburg prior to Sharmanka’s opening to public. MORE..

Metal Kinemats 1989 - 2012

The works that were created after Sharmanka has opened it’s doors to an audience in St.Petersburg, and kinemats that were created in Scotland since Sharmanka’s arrival to Glasgow. MORE..

Proletarian Greetings 1990 - 1991

A set of kinemats created by Eduard in Russia as a homage to a Swiss kinetic sculptor Jean Tinguely.

On loan from Glasgow Museums.  MORE..

Travelling Circus 2005

The first set of kinemats made specifically for purposes of touring and designed to be a short show with it’s own story. MORE..

Gothic Kinetic 2009

Following the success of Travelling Circus the second touring set was made to accommodate the growing demand for Sharmanka’s easier to install and a more “compact” work. MORE..

Merry - Go - World | 2015

This is the third of Sharmanka touring sets. Merry-Go-World is just beginning its journey and its very subject is ‘the world going round’.


Millennium Clock Tower | 2000

Sharmanka’s largest project to date. This 11 meters high tower is a multi national collaboration is on permanent display at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. MORE..

Other Projects

Over the years Sharmanka’s work has been permanently installed in many locations around the world. MORE..